Hep B Titer

Useful information about the Hep B Titer

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What is Hep B?

Hep B is the short way of referring to Hepatitis B, a disease that is transmitted by blood and sexual activity and can lead to chronic liver disease.

What is a Hep B Titer?

A Hep B Titer generally refers to the Hepatitis B Surface Antibody test. This test is used to check for immunity to Hepatitis B for healthcare workers. Occasionally, a Hep B Titer will refer to the Hepatitis B Surface Antigen test, a test which is used to check for the presence of the Hepatitis B disease (particularly in its early stages).

Why do I need a Hep B Titer?

The Hep B Titer is used to verify immunity to Hepatitis B for people who will be working in high-risk settings such as hospitals. In hospitals, people are at risk for being exposed to Hepatitis B, a disease against which one can be vaccinated. The Hep B Titer measures the antibody levels in your blood to see if you are immune to the disease.

What's the procedure for getting a Hep B Titer?

A Hep B Titer is a blood test. To get a blood test, you need To get one, you have to get your blood drawn.

How long does it take to get Hep B Titer results?

It generally takes 2 days to 2 weeks, depending on the speed of the lab and your doctor.

What does a Hep B Titer report look like?

For a sample Hep B Titer report, CLICK HERE.

Will my health insurance pay for my Hep B Titer?

That depends on your insurance. You will have to check with them.

What if I don't have insurance or a doctor who can order it?

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